Best Combining Living And Dining Room For Modern Small Home Design

small home design books innovative interior for living room and dining room for combine dining luxury modern

The living room is place for spend time together with family but also as space for guest come sit and probably for dine. This room are very important so you must have right design your living room. You can come with the best ideas, choice of colors then the best furniture make your room will lively and spacious.

You can combine dining room with furniture sets for best small home and blend it with living room. Mostly they must match for everything in the dining room. The sofas, flooring and the wall must perfect blend for your living room with some great look.

Use bright colors that will compliment and make your room more spacious. With lemons color and white it combines well and your living room will look extra space and more comfort. The dark colors for it only will make the room feels smaller.

Most good designers of vacation homes are intent on providing people with the most comfort in the smallest amount of square footage. The one thing that stands out the most in my mind is the use of volume.

The Small House With Lofty Goals
Taller, not wider … getting volume by going up, not out. There are ways to expand the look and feel without paying for it! That’s the trick. Ever wonder why homes have lofts? Guess what, it’s cheap square footage.

To achieve these lofts, ceilings are vaulted. When you create an extra room or two in these vaulted areas, you’re actually putting rooms in what would have been attic space had the ceilings not been vaulted. No walls and no extra foundation help keep the cost of this extra square footage to a minimum.

Taller Ceilings Volumize Small Home Living
Grow your ceiling heights from eight feet to nine or ten. This is another strategy that goes right along with vaulted ceilings and lofts. But, what do I mean by volume? That’s the amount of (air) space that surrounds you inside the home. Vaulted ceilings achieve this … taller ceilings in the rest of the home do as well.

So, it’s not just about lofts and extra living square footage. It’s also about a bigger feel, more room to decorate, and more space to add windows to bring the outside in.

Home Building Education
So, your vacations have had another purpose all along! The theft of ideas may not have been overt, but you came away with a great strategy to help you design a small house floor plan that feels big.

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small home design interior living room dining room combo combine dining with pendant lamp and wooden dining set and white floor

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